FRANK CULLEN (Vaudeville Historical Consultant) is a former stage performer, designer, director, and producer. He is a co-founder with Donald McNeilly of the American Vaudeville Museum (AVM), whose collections were installed in 2009 at Special Collections, Main Library in the University of Arizona – Tucson. He is the author of forty quarterly issues of Vaudeville Times (1998-2008) and co-author with McNeilly of the two-volume Vaudeville, Old & New: an Encyclopedia of Variety Performers in America (2006, Routledge Press). He and McNeilly were honored in 2011 for “Excellence in the Preservation of Theatre History” by the New York Theatre Museum. He also co-authored with McNeilly seven Porridge Sisters Adventures, an historical fiction series about Boston show business spanning 1908–1933. Cullen currently curates and hosts “Exceptional Films of Every Era and Many Lands.”

We are profoundly grateful for the script review, historical and cultural guidance, and advice from our project consultants.