Each song listed includes:

  • Sheet Music: a pdf of the vocal part (NOTE: most don’t show the musical introductions)
  • Accompaniment Track: an mp3 of the accompaniment to the song (no vocal part)
  • Rehearsal Track: an mp3 of the melody with the accompaniment played softly behind it.

The sides are provided as pdf files.  You can also read the current draft of the full script here (updated 09/13/2020) or read the synopsis here.

If you need something or have any questions, email Aaron or call/text him (best: after 3PM) at 281.954.4399.


TRACK 1. Johnson’s Mystical Oil (Young Bert, Chorus)

TRACK 2. I Can Make ‘Em Laugh (Young Bert)

  • Recording Complete

TRACK 3. How Can I Choose (Charlie)

  • Recording Complete

TRACK 4. The Coon Can (Bert)

TRACK 5. Say Goodbye (George, Bert)

TRACK 6. We’re Gonna Fly (George, Bert)

TRACK 7. Couldn’t He See (Charlie)

  • Recording Complete

TRACK 8. Cakewalk (N/A)

TRACK 9. Every Pullman Porter (Bert)

TRACK 10. Williams & Walker Montage (George, Bert; dialogue: Lottie)

TRACK 11. When You’re Dancing (Charlie)

  • Recording Complete

TRACK 12. I Keep Them Laughing (Bert, Charlie)

TRACK 13. The Wonder of Beautiful Girls (Follies Singer)

TRACK 14. We’re Gonna Fly – Reprise (Bert, Chorus)

TRACK 15. You’ll Find Ol’ Dixieland in France (Bert)

TRACK 16. You Want Rags (Ida)

TRACK 17. This is How It’s Done (Bert)

TRACK 18. Jonah Man – Reprise (Bert)

  • Recording Complete

TRACK 19. I Keep Them Laughing – Reprise (Bert, Lottie, Chorus)